Travelballs Mission


“Hi” Thank you for traveling, and thank you for taking the time to travel to our web site.

Travel Balls Mission:

We love to travel, and in our travels we have seen some amazing places. We feel that one of the things that makes any adventure amazing, are the people who take part in it along the way. Whether it’s the indigenous culture, the fellow surfer you meet on the beach, or the random person who just happens to be sitting next to you, we have all interacted with people who have somehow enriched our journeys. When you take the time to engage someone else along your path, you never know what gifts they may bestow. It could be a secret beach, a hidden trail, or a new relationship. One thing is for certain, the color of your experience will have become a little richer.

It is in that spirit that we have created Travel Balls

The concept of Travel Balls is simple; create a mission for your ball, and then follow it as it moves along its unknown path.

Each ball will have an individual #, and anytime someone comes in contact with it they can sign on and update the ball’s current location, as well as posting any comments (or pictures) they would like.

Your mission can be anything from making it to someone on the other side of the world, to making it into outer space (it’s completely up to you). Maybe you want your ball to stay among family members, or to only be passed amongst musicians, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination. As your ball travels towards its destination there is no telling what it may experience, or who it may encounter along the way. But one thing is for certain, the distances between the people of the world will have just gotten a little smaller.

The rules are simple:

  • The balls must travel from  hand to hand (no mailing).
  • Don't end a journey early, by dropping the ball in a drawer and forgetting about it (if you lose a ball, you can always start another one where it left off).


Thanks for playing, enjoy the journey.


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